Construction Risk Outlook: Short-term and Intermediate Risks and Strategies for Addressing Them [LIVE]

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AGC/FMI’s Survey of the Risk Environment: In October 2019 and again in November 2020, AGC and FMI undertook a survey of the risk environment in the construction industry. The first half of this session will cover the research results, which shed light on how the construction risk environment is changing due to the pandemic, what strategies contractors are implementing to manage risk today, and how they’re preparing for an uncertain future.

Autodesk’s Construction Risk Outlook: In the last half of this session, Autodesk will dive into the results of its first annual Construction Risk Outlook: a detailed report derived from internal product data as well as data sourced from external industry partners and economists. The report will identify local trends that affect a contractor's ability to remain profitable including labor projections, the relationship between state legislature and incident rates, the Architecture Billings Index (ABI) and more. Attendees will discover trends in labor availability, project availability, material costs, health & safety and design risks — and what they mean for general contractors in the year to come.