Mental Health & Suicide Prevention in Construction: How to Build Wellness Programs with Impact [Pre-Recorded]

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Mental health and well-being are an invisible crisis in construction. Before the pandemic, the construction workforce had issues with mental health, substance use disorders and suicide risk. These issues have been exacerbated by the pandemic. The numbers are a powerful reminder of the work that needs to be done and of the people who suffer in silence. Construction risk control efforts must address mental health and well-being and not focus solely on physical loss.

During this session, you will discover how and why employees are the core strategic asset in human capital risk management. To break through the stigma and taboo surrounding the topic it must be talked about with the entire labor force and made the subject of safety meetings and company communications. Many construction companies are successfully addressing these “elephants in the room.” Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from the leaders in the industry. Find out how you can introduce a holistic approach to well-being – and reduce the hidden costs and risks of not adequately addressing the mental and behavioral health of your workers.